Allelica fosters research and medical communities,
enabling them to generate, validate and integrate
the genetic risk factor in common disease prevention.

For Clinical
Genetics Labs

Embrace data-driven healthcare prevention. Offer world class PRS for clinical grade risk prediction.

For Researchers

Generate the best performing PRS using cutting-edge algorithms in parallel. Validate PRS on multiple populations with just two clicks.

For Pharmas

Improve the power of clinical trials by stratifying participants based on genomic diversity.
Explore opportunities for drug repurposing.


Allelica is partnering with Merck, a leading global healthcare and life sciences company, to develop a suite of data-driven cardiovascular disease prevention tools.

“With this agreement, Merck confirms its strong commitment in advancing Science and Technology in the therapeutic area of cardiovascular disorders.”

Antonio Messina, Merck General Manager

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Latest news

Genomics Virtual Summit 2020

This event will showcase emerging and innovative applications advancing consumer & healthcare genomics to accelerate the adoption of precision medicine in healthcare systems. We will be discussing the life-saving potential of PRS for heart disease and its power to advance personalized lipid management.

The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative

Formed earlier this year, the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative is an open collaboration between scientists around the globe. It is focused on identifying genetic determinants of disease susceptibility and severity in order to understand why symptoms manifest in such drastically different ways. As participants in the initiative, we are developing scores to predict disease severity. We also built web and mobile digital tools to collect data from hospitalized patients.

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Calculator

Our newest product for healthcare providers calculates patients’ lifetime risk of developing coronary artery disease based on the integration of genetic and traditional risk factors using state of the art polygenic risk score. The interactive tool shows patients how manageable lifestyle changes and therapeutic interventions can actively lower lifetime risk of heart disease.

Genomic Medicine Virtual Conference

The Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine Virtual Conference 2020, Integrating Genomic Medicine Across Systems, will dive deep into the latest innovations in genomic medicine. We will show our work alongside leaders in research and healthcare on how early polygenic risk score testing can reduce the lifetime risk of coronary artery disease.

ASHG Virtual Meeting

We are proud to have been selected as a “Reviewer's Choice” by the American Society of Human Genetics, being rated among the top 10% of abstracts. Our work will be presented at the ASHG Virtual Meeting 2020 where researchers will come together to present their latest discoveries and explore new tools & technologies to transform genomic medicine.

16th World Congress of Public Health

We are very excited to announce our participation in the 16th World Congress of Public Health, a conference which brings together some of the brightest minds and latest scientific developments from across the globe. Our presentation will focus on the role of polygenic risk scores in the prevention of common adult onset conditions.

Our Principles

Data Driven

Our products are developed and validated using world class datasets and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest level of quality.

Scientific Rigor

We are a group of international scientists and researchers committed to maintaining standards of academic excellence every step of the way.


Everything we do works towards our common goal of providing tangible improvement in preventive healthcare to help humans live a longer, healthier life.

What we do

Perform genetic risk analysis

Allelica's Polygenic Risk Scores for common diseases have the highest predictive power on the market, allowing physicians to more effectively help patients lower their risk of life-threatening diseases.

Power research communities

Our secure digital platform enables researchers to construct and validate new Polygenic Risk Scores on multiple populations using the top algorithms in parallel to reveal the best Polygenic Risk Scores.

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