Clinical polygenic risk score testing for common disease

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Allelica’s PRS tests

Allelica’s clinical Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) tests are backed by the latest science and have been developed to present concise, clear and actionable information on disease risk.

The tests provide valuable health insights for patients of all ancestries, with PRSs adjusted based on each patient’s ancestral background.

The test

Allelica’s PRS tests are noninvasive saliva collection tests which are ordered online and shipped to patients’ homes or to your healthcare facility. Patient saliva samples are processed at one of Allelica’s CLIA, CAP laboratory partners. Results are delivered by Allelica through a secure portal within 3-4 weeks.

The report

The reports include ancestry-informed prediction for precise scoring based on each patient’s unique genetic ancestry, age-dependent risk modelling to show how risk changes over time, translation of PRS percentile to risk estimate, and recommendations to mitigate risk based on national guidelines.

With over 20 PRSs available, providers can choose from single PRS reports, build custom PRS panels and white label reports.
Available PRSs include, but are not limited to

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