Allelica Precision Server

Revolutionizing Genomics Analysis With In-Lab Data Integrity and Regulatory Compliance

Leverage the power of pharmacogenomics, polygenic risk score and carrier screening in your own lab with the Allelica Precision Server (APS).


Regulatory Compliance

Seamlessly align with CLIA requirements, streamlining your lab's LDT workflow and in-house IVD development.


In-Lab Data Processing

Ensure data privacy by processing genomics data on-premises, eliminating the need for external transfers.


Enhanced Data Security

Maintain patient trust with cutting-edge encryption and security measures.

APS is available both as hardware and containerised software


Your comprehensive solution for secure and advanced genomics analysis

Delve deeper into genomics with our state-of-the-art server. Designed to meet the intricate demands of modern labs, the Allelica Precision Server is your trusted partner in advancing genomic science.


CLIA-Compliant LDT workflow integration

Our server not only supports but enhances your lab's LDT workflow. With built-in tools tailored to meet CLIA standards, stay ahead in the regulatory landscape while optimizing your research capabilities.


Experience the future of genomic analysis

Our precision server seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, ensuring fast, efficient, and secure genomic data processing. Provide world-class pharmacogenomics, polygenic risk score and carrier screening analysis.

Have Questions About Regulatory Compliance or Data Security?

Connect with our experts and discover how the Allelica Precision Server can elevate your lab's capabilities.

Pushing the Boundaries of Genomic Research

At Allelica, we believe in empowering labs with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly-evolving landscape. Our commitment to data privacy, regulatory compliance, and advanced research is at the core of everything we do.