cardioriskSCORE is an innovative employee cardiovascular disease prevention program utilizing genomics & real world data to prevent heart disease and save your company money

Is your company losing millions in health insurance costs due to preventable cardiac events?

You’re one of many. Employers everywhere are struggling to minimize rising employee health insurance costs. If you’ve tried employee wellness programs in the past but experienced low employee engagement or underwhelming results, we’re glad to let you know that there’s a better way to prevent employee heart disease and related complications. cardioriskSCORE is an effective employee wellness program that takes a new approach to heart disease prevention.

The program utilizes a polygenic DNA test to identify employees who are at an elevated risk for heart disease. Following the identification of at-risk employees, the program then recommends heart disease prevention strategies to the employees. Over time, with adherence to the program recommendations, cardioriskSCORE empowers employees to take control of their heart health, reducing negative cardiac health events. The result? Monumental health insurance cost savings for employers!


How the cardioriskSCORE Program Works


Registration & DNA Test

After registering their profile online, employees receive an at-home DNA test. The results of the test are integrated with traditional risk factors to assess their heart disease risk. The test has improved precision, identifying 17% of high-risk employees that other assessments overlook.

Results & Recommendations

Your employees’ results and preventive recommendations are sent to them. Heart disease prevention recommendations are personalized based on the integrating results of the DNA test with other cardiovascular disease risk factors.
Employees identified as high risk are provided with details to book a telemedicine consultation with a dedicated physician.

Tracking & Support

Over time, our Health Assistant App tracks your employees’ progress and offers additional support. Employees can track and update their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and smoking status to view their adjusted cardiac disease risk.
Employers are provided with a dashboard where aggregated, anonymous employee data is available. The dashboard can be used to monitor progress and measure health status by department, allowing for more targeted and strategic health and wellness initiatives.

Other ongoing support capabilities include:
Progress tracking
Customized diet plans
Tailored exercise recommendations
Medical check-up reminders
Options to set heart health goals

cardioriskSCORE is different

img 87% Employee Engagement

CardioriskSCORE boasts an impressive 87% employee program engagement rate. This is a testament to just how motivating the program is for employees.

img 10 times more high risk patients

CardioriskSCORE sets the standard in heart disease risk detection and treatment. By identifying high risk individuals through polygenic DNA analysis, the program is able to identify and treat 10 times more high risk employees who are invisible to other programs.

img $1.4 million saved on average

Through the prevention of heart disease and related health insurance costs, CardioriskSCORE saves employers with more than 7,000 employees $1.4 million per year on average! These savings can then be allocated to other business initiatives and goals.

img Get to Know the Benefits of Using cardioriskSCORE

Not only does our program significantly reduce costs, but it gives you you a reliable tool to boost health consciousness and foster a sense of comradery in the workplace. This can lead to enhanced cooperativeness among coworkers, making it easier to achieve business objectives.

Cost savings verified by research

A study performed by Allelica researchers reveals the cost-saving power of programs like cardioriskSCORE . By integrating the Polygenic Risk Score into risk assessments for cardiovascular disease, health economists found that savings range from $20,000 to $120,000 for each individual case prevented.

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